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Kilitary-age Jews in British Territory May Go to Israel if “local Conditions” Permit

The decision whether to release Jews of military age for migration to Israel depends on “local conditions” and authorities, despite the fact that Foreign Under-Secretary Christopher Mayhew told Commons that the ban on such migration had been lifted in all areas under British control, it was authoritatively learned here today.

Meanwhile, the Foreign Office today told the Agudas Israel that the Governor of the British Protectorate of Aden has been given the authority to permit Jews of military age to depart for Israel, (Reports from Aden earlier this week said that the local British governor would do nothing to release some 700 Jaws in a refugee camp who wished to proceed to the Jewish state.) The Foreign Office statement was contained in a letter to the Agudah which had made representations in behalf of the Aden Jews prior to the announcement of the lifting of the ban.