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Presentation of Case of Jews in Moslem Lands to Security Council Seen As W.j.c. Victory

The U.N. Economic and Social Council’s adopt on yesterday of a resolution asking U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie to submit to the Security Council. Would Jewish Congress records on the treatment of Jews in Arab countries, was hailed here today as a victory for the Congress which since March, 1948, when it first appealed to the U.N. for action, has been pressing for international aid for some 800,000 Jews in Moslem countries.

It was pointed out that the resolution placed the records in the case before the Security Council, a U.N. body with punitive powers. The W.J.C. was particularly active in the successful campaign to eliminate from the Economic and Social Council resolution a phrase which sought to place the Council on record as having “at the present time no competence to judge and hence to recommend any useful action on the statement of the World Jewish Congress.” The W.J.C. was the first organization to issue a White Paper on the plight of the Jews in Arab lands.