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Hearings Scheduled for Los Angeles Radio Station Charged with Anti-semitism

The Federal Communications Commission today pounced that it has denied a request of G.A. Richards, owner of radio station ##C in Los Angeles, to suspend forthcoming public hearings into charges that he ###dersd his newsroom staff to slant newscasts in an anti-Jewish and otherwise biased ###ner.Richards, who also owns radio station WJR in Detroit and WGAR in Cleveland, List week petitioned the F.C.C. to suspend the public hearings which is scheduled to begin March 16 in Lea Angeles, and to let him appear privately before the Commission a designated member of the Commission. He also asked that if the Commission deemed further hearing necessary after his personal appearance that it be held in Washington.

F.C.C. Commissioner Hyde voted to grant that part of the petition which resented a preliminary personal hearing, the F.C.C. said.