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Movement to Draft Dr. Abba Hillel Silver for Z.O.A. Presidency Launched in Miami

A movement to. draft Dr. Abba Hillel Silver for the presidency of the Zionist Organization of America was launched here today following a meeting held last night and this morning by representatives of Miami Zionist districts and Zionist leaders from various parts of the country. The Z.O.A. will elect a new president at its next convention this summer.

Among those who participated in the meeting were Abraham Goldstein, of Hartford, Z,O.A, vice-president; Mortimer May, of Nashville, Z,0.A, vice-president; Milton Pollock, Z.O.A. finance chairman; Abe Goodman, of .Miami, Z.O.A. vice-president; Morris Weinberg and I.R. Goodman, members of the Z.O.A. national executive.

A wire to Dr. Silver, dispatched at the conclusion of the meeting, urged him to accept the presidency of the Z.O.A. and pointed out that his leadership in behalf of Zionism at this critical Juncture was indispensable.