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Argentine Who Burned Wreath Placed by Jews at National Hero’s Monument to Be Tried

Fernando Mantras, who burned a wreath faced by Jews at the foot of a monument honoring Argentina’s national hero, Grau San ##rtin, following this country’s recognition of Israel, was today indicted following preliminary court hearing in Santa Fe.

The prosecution charged that Mantras set fire to the wreath “under force of anti-Jewish feelings.” The judge stated that such feelings are “abhorrent, antidemocratic and anti-Argentine.” The defendant will remain in jail until he is called trial.

Meanwhile, the Santa Fe Catholic daily newspaper “La Manana,” has published an article on birth control which stated that the type of person engaged in birth-control propaganda is a man “with the eyes of a pirate and the ##se of a mean Semite.” he paper falsely alleged that Thomas Malthus, English advocate of population control, was Jewish.