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4,000 Immigrants Arrive in Israel During Week-end; Govt. to Move Offices from Hakiryah

More than 4,000 new immigrants arrived in Israel during week-end, it was officially announced today.

The Israeli Cabinet has decided to transfer the offices of several branches of the government from their present site at Hakiryah, official seat of the Israeli Government. The Cabinet is also expected to submit soon to the Israeli Knesseth a budget for the next half -year period. Earlier, the Cabinet discussed the problem of providing health services for new immigrants.

An appeal to the people of Tel Aviv to rent out at least 1,000 rooms to copo with the expected influx of tourist traffic to Israel this year was made this week-end by the total Owners Association, Representatives of the association voiced the fears that existing hotels in the city will not be able to cope with the 30,000 tourists anticipated in the Jewish state in 1949. Four new hotels, one of which will cost more than 1,500,000, will soon be constructed in Tel Aviv, it was revealed.

Dr. Leon Kubovitzky, chairman of the world council of the World Jewish Congress, left here today for Aden at the request of the Jewish community of that British protectorate.