British Zionist Federation Holds Golden Jubilee Convention; Pledges Support to Israel
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British Zionist Federation Holds Golden Jubilee Convention; Pledges Support to Israel

A resolution pledging British Jewry’s wholehearted report to the program of rehabilitating and resettling in Israel “hundreds of thou sand of Jews” was adopted here today at the golden Jubilee convention of the British Zionist Federation. Other resolutions welcomed Britain’s de facto recognition of the Jewish state and voiced the hope that de jure recognition of Israel would be extended by this country. Greetings were also dispatched to President Weizmann, Premier Ben Gurion and all members of the Israeli Cabinet.

Prof. Selig Brodetsky, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews and veteran British Zionist leaders, deploring the rift between the General Zionist “A” and “B” groups, called upon British General Zionists to “make clear that they share the progressive views within General Zionism,” Among other leading speakers at the parley were Barnett Janner, M.P., who urged the British Zionist Federation to follow the policies laid down by President Weizmann and Prof. Brodetsky. “Our General Zion ism is a practical Zionism,” Janner said, urging the extension of utmost financial support to the Jewish state for further upbuilding and immigration.

The annual report submitted to the parley, which reviewed the year’s events leading to the proclamation of Israeli statehood, voiced the dismay of British Zionists at “the undisguised attempts by the British Government first to prevent the acceptance of the U.N. General Assembly’s partition resolution of Nov. 29, 1947, and then to frustrate the establishment of the Jewish state end hinder implementation of U.N. decision, culminating even in the threat to take military action on the side of the defeated Arab states.”

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