News Blackout Imposed on Israeli-transjordan Talks on Jerusalem
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News Blackout Imposed on Israeli-transjordan Talks on Jerusalem

A news blackout was Imposed today on the Israeli-Transjordan negotiations over Jerusalem. An official Israeli source, however, announced that a communique covering the discussions to date would be Issued in the next few day. Other sources said that there was considerable “hard bargaining” under way between the two parties over the proposed armistice lines, communication channels and other public service facilities.

Reports received here today revealed a renewal of the bitter fight between tag Abdullah of TransJordan and the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem. Abdullah has issued an order to his Arab legion calling for the rounding up and Immediate military trial of irregulars” who have been active against Israel and who apparently are followers of the Mufti.

Other Arab reports indicate that the Transjordan monarch has appointed Lt. col. Abdullah el Tel, former Legion commander in Jerusalem, as military attache at the embassy which Transjordan expects to establish in Washington.

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