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Israeli and American Exchange of Views on Lausanne Peace Parley Revealed in Tel Aviv

An exchange of views has taken place between the American and Israeli Governments on the Lausanne peace conference, an official Israeli Government spokesman announced here today.The spokesman refused to comment on the question of alleged American pressure on Israel to accept a large number of Palestine Arab refugees.

American Ambassador James G. McDonald called on Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett on the situation. It is understood that heavy American pressure was applied in Washington, Lausanne and Tel Aviv in an attempt to make the Israelis withdraw from their positions on the refugees and on territorial concessions.

It is understood that the Israeli reply has been that Israel sees these problems only in relation to a final peace settlement and that the making of such concessions before a peace settlement would be the equivalent of “rewarding the Arabs for aggression.” It was also reported that Israeli representatives declared that they could not make such a demarche because the parliament and the voters would reject it.