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Situation of Physicians in Israel is “metter of Great Concern,” Dr. Whechsler Reports

“Medical work in Israel is on a very high level and is being performed principally through the efforts of the local medical institutions there,” Dr. Israel S. Wechsler reported here at a meeting of the board of directors of the American OSE upon his return from Israel.

“A matter of great concern,” he said, “is the economic situation of the physicians in Israel. There are now more than 3,000 physicians in the country, a ratio of one physician to every 300 inhabitants. This ratio is unlike the proportion prevailing in any other country.” He added that the Israeli Government is viewing with great favor the health activities of the OSE there.

Dr. L. Wulman, director of the American OSE, reported on the results of his survey of the health conditions and medical work among Jews in Latin American countries. The board authorized the executive committee to appropriate funds for medical work in Israel and South America, postponing final decision until pending negotiations with the Israeli Government and the Jewish Agency will be concluded.