I.r.o. Presents Plan to United Nations Body for Continuation of Refugee Relief Work

The International Refugee Organization today presented to the U.N. Economic and Social Council, new meeting here, a program for the continuation of refugee relief activities after the I.R.O. suspends its operations. The plan suggests that: 1. Assistance to and protection of refugees on an international basis should continue after June, 1950, when the I.R.O. liquidates its activities; 2. An organ, within the framework of the United Nations, should be entrusted with that responsibility, and 3. The Economic and Social Council should set up a relief fund after the I.R.O. is terminated.

A proposal that the I.R.O. continue its activities as a specialized agency was rejected by the Council. Alternatives suggestions urged the establishment of a high commissioner’s office for refugees by the United Nations, or the assumption of relief responsibility by the U.N. Secretariat. The Council is new debating these suggestions.