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Israeli Government to Start Important Conferences on Major Diplomatic Problems

A series of major conferences defining the Israeli Government’s policies to be followed in the United Nations will commence here with the expected arrival tomorrow of Aubrey Eban, Israeli delegate to the U.N.

The first issue will be the attitude to be taken by the delegation if the Israeli question is brought before the United Nations again. It is understood that the Foreign Ministry is not interested in having the Israeli delegation take the initiative on this, raising the problem as a whole, owing to the confused world situation and the impending resumption of the Israeli-Arab peace talks at Lausanne under the auspices of the United Nations Conciliation Commission on Palestine.

In the second place, the Israeli representative will be briefed on Israeli policy on international problems pending before the United Nations. For the first time, apart from voting on a few issues which followed Israel’s admission to the United Nations in May, Israel will be called upon to vote and speak on world issues in the U.N. General Assembly.