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Israeli Government Introduces Bill in Knesset for Abolition of Capital Punishment

A bill providing for the abolition of death sentences in Israel, except on grounds of treason when the country is in a war emergency state, was introduced today by the government in the Knesset. The bill stipulates that the maximum penalty should be life imprisonment.

The Ministry of Justice presented to the Knesset the draft of a law under which the existing War Emergency Regulations should be enforced automatically whenever emergency conditions threatening the safety of the state arise.

The draft the projected law provides chiefly for the introduction of restrictions on individual freedom, imposition of censorship and authorization for officers to carry out administrative arrests. Members of parties opposing the government spoke in the Knesset against the proposed legislation.

The Ministry of Education today presented a bill to the Knesset providing for compulsory free education for children between six and 13 years of age. Severe measures were recommended against parents violating provisions of the bill.

The Ministry of Finance introduced a bill which recommends government financial aid to citrus growers. Some form of leans will be granted on the basis of two percent interest while other types will carry a charge of 4 1/2 percent.