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Board of Jewish Deputies Approves Plan to Impose Community Tax on Synagogue Members

The Board of Deputies of British Jews last night adopted in principle a plan for financing its activities by imposing a tax of approximately $2 yearly on synagogue members throughout Britain. Fifty thousand synagogue members would thus furnish about $100,000 needed to cover the annual budget of the Board. The financial committee of the Board was instructed to set up machinery for raising the fund.

The Board decided to send a delegation to the London County Council to present the views of the organized Jewish community on the question of renting school premises for the use of Fascist meetings. The session also decided to make representations to the Association of Municipal Corporations, and if necessary to the Home Secretary, with regard to the decision taken by the Association to hold municipal elections in 1950 and 1951 on Saturday.

Following the conclusion of the meeting, Jacob Landau, managing director of the Jewish Telegraphic Agency, addressed the Board’s executive officers on the activities of the J.T.A. He outlined the history of the Agency and plans for its development.