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Israeli Representative Arrives in Turkey to Regulate Immigration to Jewish State

Victor Eliyashar, special Israeli representative, has arrived here to regulate the emigration of Israel-bound Turkish Jews.

In an interview with the press, Mr. Eliyashar revealed that over 22,000 Turkish Jews have arrived in Israel in the last nine months and that the number of Turkish Jews in the state has risen to 30,000. He explained that it was his duty to assist Jews who wished to enter Israel and who had legal clearance from the Turkish authorities to leave the country. He also explained that because of the serious situation in Israel it will be his function to route the young and healthy persons to the Jewish state ahead of others.

Mr. Eliyashar’s arrival has been hailed in the Jewish community because he is the first representative of his new state to arrive here. The Israeli representative is scheduled to meet with Turkish authorities soon to discuss the provision of special facilities for Jews who wish to take their household furniture and other possessions with them when they emigrate.