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German Police Who Took Part in Munich Riot Cleared of Charges of Anti-semitism

German police were exonerated today of charges that they displayed anti-Semitism in the clash with Jewish displaced persons last week in which six Jews and 20 police were injured, Reuters reported from Munich.

The German police were cleared of the charges at a meeting presided over by Mayor Thomas Wimmer of Munich and attended by representatives of the Jewish community as well as high officials of the municipal government, the news agency added.

The meeting released a statement, Reuters reported, declaring that: 1. All persons concerned regret the incident of Aug. 10; 2. The police were compelled to disperse the unauthorized demonstration and regret the fact that one policeman felt it necessary to discharge his gun into the crowd, but at the same time disapprove of the excesses of the demonstrators; 3. The State Association of Jewish Communities of Bavaria says the Munich police cannot be accused of anti-Semitic action in the affair; and, 4. All precautions will be taken to prevent similar incidents in the future.