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Revisionists Criticize Inaction of American Zionist Council; Blame Major Groups

A statement criticizing “the failure of the American Zionist Council to mobilize Jewish public opinion” against reported plans of the State Department to pressure Israel into submission on the question of re-admitting more than 100,000 Arab refugees into the Jewish state was issued here today by the Zionist-Revisionist Organization of America.

The statement reveals that a meeting of the American Zionist Council was scheduled to take place last Tuesday. At the last moment, however, the meeting was postponed indefinitely, the statement says. “The inaction of the American Zionist Council only tends to encourage the enemies of Israel in the State Department to demand even greater concessions from Israel,” the statement declares. “The responsibility for this policy must rest with the majority parties of the Council–the Z.O.A., Hadassah, Labor Zionists and the Mizrachi.”