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Jewish Communal Leaders in Germany Receive Anonymous Threatening Letters from Nazis

Leading members of the Jewish community have received anonymous threatening letters signed “Adolf Bleibtreu” — meaning “remain true to Adolf” — Reuters reported here today. The same name was signed to an anti-Semitic letter appearing in the Sued-Deutsche Zeitung recently which resulted in a riot when German police attempted to break up a demonstration of Jewish DP’s protesting against the letter.

One of the recipients of the “Bleibtreu” threats, Rudi Saydel, former world wrestling champion, refused to appear in a Munich ring after receiving a letter, Reuters reported. The news service also stated that German police do not have any of the letters, but have received reports of them.

Meanwhile, in Hamburg, Sir Arthur Comyn Carr, chief prosecutor at the British military tribunal’s trial of Nazi Field Marshal Fritz Erich von Mannstein, charged that Mannstein had ordered synagogues in Polish towns to be burned down. The Nazi General, who is charged with 17 counts of war crimes, including responsibility for the mass murder of hundreds of thousands of Jews, issued orders to his troops reproving them for being “soft” in their attitude toward the population of Southern Russia.