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U.N. Commission Recommends Arab-jewish Division of Jerusalem Under High Commissioner

The U.N. Conciliation Commission will recommend to the U.N. General Assembly that both Israel and Transjordan claims for full sovereignty over part of Jerusalem be rejected.

However, it was learned today, the Commission will recommend creation of a new kind of Jewish and Arab “semi-sovereignty”. The Commission’s report, drafted by a subcommittee on Jerusalem, has been dispatched to Lake Success. Under its suggestions, the Arabs would retain control over the Old City and the Jews over the new city, but control would be lodged in their respective municipalities and not in their national governments.

Under the “semi-sovereignty” plan, taxes will be levied and laws made by the municipalities although the taxes and laws may be identical with those of Israel and Transjordan. There would be a U.N. High Commissioner to maintain supervision and also have free access to all Holy Places.

The proposals to the Assembly are such that the plan can be implemented only after the future of all Palestine has been settled. It is essentially a transition plan to serve for a number of years until the situation becomes clarified.