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German Bishop Allowed to Enter Israel Without Visa; Will Investigate Church Property

Bishop Gustav Meinrat, of Cologne, Germany, arrived at Lydda airport today without an Israel visa, claiming that he was sent by the Vatican to negotiate “certain matters” with Israel.

The German Bishop, who carried a Vatican diplomatic passport, was held up by immigration officers until they were instructed by the Immigration Ministry to approve his entry into the country. He apparently is in Israel to investigate the fate of German church property.

Seven deserters from the British Army–including six Englishman and one Pole–who entered Israel near the Aqaba area were turned over to British military authorities today. A special R.A.F. plane carrying 12 British military police and three officers landed at Lydda and took charge of the deserters, who will face a court-martial in the Suez Canal area. The R.A.F. craft which landed at Lydda today carried the first British military unit officially permitted to enter Israel.