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Proposal to Admit 10,000 Arab Dp’s to U.S. Supported in Principle by N.Y. Congressman

The proposal to admit 10,000 displaced Palestine Arabs to the United States under the Displaced Persons Act of 1948 was supported in principle today by Rep. Abraham J. Multer, of New York, in testimony submitted in his behalf to the Senate immigration subcommittee here. However, Rep. Multer, who is now in Europe, termed such a gesture “piecemeal and unrealistic.”

The New York Congressman asserted that any attempt to “foist” the Arab DP’s upon Israel is doomed to failure and warned that the return of the Arabs to the Jewish state would serve to increase friction in that area. He suggested that a happier and more practical solution would be for displaced Arabs to remain among their coreligionists in the Arab states. The New York Congressman also expressed hope that Gordon R. Clapp’s economic survey mission will make possible a sound basis for resettlement of Arabs in Arab countries.