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Polish Court Imposes Death Sentence on Nazi Who Ordered Murder of 160,000 Jews

The Lodz appeals court imposed the death sentence on Alfred Stromberg, a German, for numerous war crimes, including responsibility for transporting 160,000 Jews to the Chelm extermination camp during the 1942-45 period.

Stromberg was also accused of directing the liquidation of the Lodz ghetto. The prosecution disclosed that while carrying out the mass murder of inmates of a Jewish children’s TB hospital, Stromberg ordered his henchmen to throw more than 600 youngsters out of a second-floor window.

A demand that the former Gestapo chief for the Bialystok district, Col. S. Fromm, be extradited from the British zone in Germany to this country to stand trial for war crimes has been made by the Warsaw government. From is accused of personally ordering the extermination of tens of thousands of Jews. Practically all official Gestapo orders issued during the war in Bialystok carried his signature.