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London Paper Criticizes Assignment of Former Palestine Police Officers to Jewish Areas

Twenty-seven members of the Mandate-period Palestine police force are now serving as police officers in Jewish areas in London, particularly in the East End, it was revealed today in a letter published in the New Statesman and Nation by Frederick W. Skinnard, Laborite M.P. He said that this was “not an undue proportion” of the 168 former Palestine policemen who are now serving in the metropolitan police force.

Mr. Skinnard was replying to a New Statesman and Nation editorial which said that sending of “any of these men to predominantly Jewish areas seems to be asking for trouble.” The majority of the former Palestine police officials who returned to England, the paper added, came back in a “state of mind which made them unfit for service in Jewish areas.” An earlier letter in the publication charged that police in the East End were “openly anti-Semitic and Fascist.”