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Rumanian Paper Prints Sharp Attack on Conditions in Israel; Charges Workers Exploited

A sharp attack on present conditions in Israel, based on letters received in Rumania by the families of three immigrants who recently proceeded to the Jewish state, was published today in “Scanteia,” organ of the Rumanian Workers Party and the most widely-circulated publication in this country.

Accusing Israel of “merciless exploitation of the working people and racial discrimination against Jews whose skin is of a dark color,” the writer of one letter describes conditions in the “immigrant camp at Athlit.” His missive says: “There are two rows of children (in the camp) getting meals. One row is for white children and another is for children from Morocco and Tripoli, whose skin is a little darker.”

The paper also printed a letter from another immigrant who wrote that there are “daily, huge demonstrations for work and bread, but the government–which sold out to the imperialists in Washington–sends police with clubs and tear gas to scatter the demonstrators.”