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Increasing Number of Anti-semitic Articles in Italian Press Cited by Jews

The Jewish weekly publication “Israel” has called the attention of the Italian authorities and Catholic Church leaders to the growing number of anti-Semitic articles in the press. The question was also discussed at a recent session of the Assembly of the Union of Jewish Communities in Italy.

The current issue of “Israel” cites an unsigned article in a recent issue of “L’Azione,” a Catholic weekly of the Vittorie Venato diocese. Discussing the action of the Israel delegation at the last International Red Cross meeting in Geneva in seeking to have the Red Mogen David recognized as an official Red Cross emblem for Israel rather than the cross, the Catholic paper charged the Jews with “hostility toward the cross of Christ.” Elsewhere in the article the writer said “Jews are always Jews,” and spoke of the “two thousand year-old shadow of blood” cast by the Jews.