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Labor Zionist Movement Opens Three-day Conclave to Discuss Reorganization of Groups

Four hundred delegates from all sections of the United States gathered here today to participate in an extraordinary three-day conference called by the Labor Zionist Organization of America to map plans for reorganization of the Labor Zionist movement in this country.

Among the speakers who will address the meetings are Berl Locker, chairman of the Jewish Agency executive in Jerusalem, who is now in the U.S.; Baruch Zunkerman, president of the L.Z.O.A.; Dr. Chayim Greenberg, chairman of the education department of the Jewish Agency; and, Mayer Grabovsky, head of a Histadrut delegation which arrived in this country several days ago and a leading Mapai deputy in the Knesset.

The conference will also officially launch the 1949-50 shekel campaign of all Labor Zionist groups in this country, including the L.Z.O.A., Jewish National Workers Alliance, Pioneer Women, Habonim and other affiliated organizations. Discussions concerning the proposed reorganization of the Labor Zionist movement in the United States are scheduled to begin tomorrow.