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Hull of Altalena Sunk; Vessel Destroyed in 1948 when Irgun Tried to Land Munitions

The burned-out hull of the Altalena, the vessel on which the Irgun Zvai Leumi attempted to bring in arms and ammunition during June, 1948, was today towed off the beach at Tel Aviv and sunk on the high seas.

The attempt to run in guns by the dissidents was in direct defiance of a U.N. truce order. The Irgun precipitated a hot and bloody battle over the attempt to land the Altalena’s cargo, but was defeated by the regular army. Shortly thereafter, in the face of a government ultimatum, the Irgun disbanded and its troops became part of the army while its political leaders formed the Herut Party.

Three Arabs were killed last night in a clash with Israel police, it was announced today. The Arabs were part of an infiltrating group encountered by the police near the Acre-Safad highway.