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Many Austrian Jews Considering Emigration Because of Recent Nazi Activities

Many of the 12,000 Jews presently residing in Austria are talking of emigrating from this country as a result of recent anti-Semitic incidents and the election gains of the neo-Nazi League of Independent Voters, it was reported here today.

Wilhelm Krell, general secretary of the Vienna Jewish Community, commenting on this development, declared that “the Austrian Jews may be a little hypersensitive, but nobody can blame them for this considering the experiences they have had.” Referring to the recent discovery of a Nazi flag on the stairs of the Community’s office here, Mr. Krell pointed out that this reminds the Jews of the pre-Anschluss days when swastikas were painted on walls and leaflets bearing the Nazi emblem were scattered in Vienna streets by Austrian Nazis. The Jews also recall the gas chambers, forced labor camps, the Aryanization of property and the other horrors which followed the Anschluss, he said.