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General Zionists Charge Ben Gurion Attempting to Limit Influence of Zionist Organization

The General Zionist Party executive, meeting here last night, went on record as opposed to what it said was Premier David Ben Gurion’s attempt to limit the activities of the World Zionist Organization to the upbuilding of the country.

The General Zionists were referring to the Premier’s speech of Nov. 6 at the Israel Keren Hayesod conference, in the course of which he declared that Zionist organizations throughout the world should not attempt to influence the policies of the Israel Government through their institutions in the country or through funds collected for Israel.

The General Zionist executive today emphasized that the aims of the party do not clash with the sovereignty of the state of Israel and that they will continue their efforts to enlarge the forces of the World Zionist Organization and raise its prestige throughout the Jewish world.