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Israel’s Foreign Policy Defined by Sharett; Speaks of Relations to Foreign Powers

The Israel foreign policy can best be described as “non-identification,” as distinct from neutrality, Foreign Ministry Moshe Sharett told press representatives here.

Neutrality is an inappropriate designation, he said, because although Israel refuses to become entangled in the self-interest of any foreign power or group of states it has positive notions about war which could mean the annihiliation of the Jewish people and about democracy which Israel is developing to the fullest extent.

He noted a special situation in Israel in the close ties of world Jewry. Although presently there is constant contact with American Jews and a flow of capital from the west to Israel, the country is anxious to reach a similar contact with Soviet Jewry, now made impossible by the Soviet authorities for their own reasons, which he said he did not presume to judge.

Throughout his analysis Mr. Sharett emphasized that Israel would refrain from identifying itself with either side in the cold war and would reject association with any imperialist schemes.