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Jewish Community of Bombay Throws Open Doors of Its Institutions to All Inhabitants

The Jewish community of Bombay has thrown open the doors of all its institutions, such as the Judean Club and various sports organizations, to all members of the Indian public, Maurice Paphet, vice-president of the Bombay Zionist Association, declared today in an address to the Calcutta Judean Club.

The speaker said that the move manifested the “sincere intention” of the Bombay Jews to eliminate racial segregation, and he pleaded with local Jewish community leaders to do similarly. He declared that Jews should behave “as Indians of the Jewish faith.” This, he said, did not mean that Jews should assimilate or merge their identity with the Indian people, but that politically they should recognize that they are citizens obeying the constitution of a free India, and at the same time preserving the principles of their Jewish faith.