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327,000 Jews Living in Agentina; Reside in 3,400 Cities, Towns and Villages

There are some 327,000 Jews living in 3,402 Argentinian cities, towns and villages, it was estimated by Yedidio Efron, noted Zionist educational leader, in an article published here in “Di Yiddishe Zeitung.”

Mr. Efron bases his estimate on statistical material compiled by the Jewish Colonization Society and other sources in the country, as well as a 1946 census of Jews which revealed that there were about 320,000 Jews in Argentina at that time. At that time, Mr. Efron points out in his article, the Jews composed 2.2 of the population of the country, and the 207,000 Jews living in Buenos Aires made up 7.1 percent of the city’s total.