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Arrest of J.D.C. Director in Hungary Evokes Protest by United States Government

The U.S. today delivered a strong note of protest to the Hungarian Government following the recent arrest of Israel Jacobson, director of the Joint Distribution Committee in Hungary.

Undersecretary of State James E. Webb summoned Hungarian Minister Imre Horvath to appear at the State Department late this afternoon to receive an American note. requesting Hungary to comply with American demands with regard to Americans held incommunicado by the Budapest police.

Simultaneously, the U.S. today banned travel by Americans to Hungary as a result of the imprisonment of Mr. Jacobson and the previous arrest of Robert Vogeler, an American businessman.

Herbert John Burgman, former American embassy clerk in Berlin, who made wartime anti-Semitic radio broadcasts for the Nazis, was sentenced today to from 6 to 20 years for treason in a Federal Court here.