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Jewish Cooperatives in Poland Merge with Polish Groups; Earnings of Jews Higher

The Union of Jewish Cooperatives today voted to merge with the Union of Polish Cooperatives. President I. Zelicki of the Jewish organization said the reason for the move was that “we had to fight the Jewish nationalists who have tried to separate the Jewish working-class from the Polish nation and preached a reactionary conception of the reputed necessity of a separate economy for the Jews.”

Members of the Jewish cooperatives have been earning, on the average, more than Polish artisans, chiefly because the Jewish cooperatives are better equipped with machines and because earnings are based on the individual’s output. Since the Jewish artisans will be permitted to retain their machines under the new set-up it is expected that their income will remain on the same level it is now.

The Union of Jewish Cooperatives has 15,000 members, only 8,000 of whom are Jews. Non-Jewish membership has increased greatly in the last six months because there have been very few Jewish applicants.