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Restitution in Germany Held in Danger; U.S. Commissioner’s Assurance Sought

Declaring that “there is no doubt that restitution in Germany is in danger,” the Axis Victims League, an American association for restitution and for compensation of rights and interests to Axis victims, today made public a statement requesting the U.S. High Commissioner in Germany to give public assurance to Nazi victims that the policy proclaimed by the Allied Governments during and after the war with respect to restitution and compensation remains unchanged.

The League also requested the British and the French High Commissioners and the Kommandantura of Berlin that boards for restitution matters be placed into operation as soon as possible, similar to , or Identical with, the U.S. board. Simultaneously it urged that “In the interest of the cause of Justice and humanity, restitution laws be published in the eastern zone of Germany and the eastern Sector of Berlin, giving damaged people living abroad the same rights” enjoyed by those living in the Russian-administered parts of Germany.