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German Court Sentences Frau Ludendoff to Labor Term for Anti-semitic Aid to Nazis

Mathilde Ludendorff, 72-year-old widow of former Field Marshal Erich Ludendorff, was today sentenced to two years’ “special labor” by a German denazification court here. The court ordered the confiscation of all her property above 5,000 Deutsche marks (about $1,300).

Frau Ludendorff, who was charged with having supported the Nazi regime in anti-Semitic and anti-religious publications, will also lose all her titles and pension rights. The court ordered that for the rest of her life she could do only “common labor” and that she must be subject to residential restrictions.

Frau Ludendorff had attacks of illness during her trial but in evidence given in November she told the tribunal she was glad she could prove “how right” she was in attacking Jews, Freemasons and Jesuits as “supernational powers.”