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President of Vienna Jewish Community Warns of Dangers in Restitution Law Amendments

The proposed amendment of the Third Restitution Law in Austria endangers the right of Jews to be given back the property of which they were robbed by the Nazis, Dr. Emil Maurrer, newly-elected president of the Vienna Jewish Community, told a plenary session of the Community council today. The meeting elected David Brill, a Communist, and Wolf Herzberg, Austrian Zionist leader, as vice-presidents.

Before the war, Dr. Maurrer declared, Austrian Jews owned some 60,000 apartment units. Of the Jewish survivors today, about 1,000 are compelled to live in hostels and barracks. The Vienna Community, he added, will fight for the creation of a restitution fund of heirless property. He added that Vienna Jews would also support the struggle of Israel to make Jerusalem the capital of the new state.