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U.N. Experts to Open Three-week Session on Discrimination Against Minority Groups

Twelve members of the United Nations Subcommission on the Prevention of Discrimination and Protection of Minorities–all of them specialists in the field of minority problems–will meet here Monday at the first of a three-week series of sessions on the causes of discrimination and methods available for preventing such prejudice.

Forming the basis of the talks will be a 57-page memorandum submitted to the Subcommission by U.N. Secretary-General Trygve Lie on the “main types and causes of discrimination.” The memorandum summarized the studies made in the field of discrimination against minority groups by psychologists, sociologists, anthropologists, historians, jurists and other experts.

While agreeing that legislation can “greatly lessen” the effects of discrimination, the report emphasizes the need for the “widest possible program of adult education.”