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Judge Rothenberg Says Talk of Jewish National Fund Liquidation is “irresponsible”

Any talk of a present liquidation of the Jewish National Fund was branded today as “irresponsible” by Judge Morris Rothenberg, chairman of the United Palestine Appeal, speaking before the convention of the Jewish National Workers Alliance being held here.

The argument that the Jewish National Fund has no further reason for existence because Israel is now in possession of the land, is fallacious because the former owners must be ultimately paid for it, said Judge Rothenberg. Meanwhile, he stated, the funds raised are being used for immediate pressing needs in Israel.

The prospect of full socialism in Israel in the foreseable future was discounted by Chaim Greenberg, leading representative of Labor Zionism, who addressed the convention. “The state of Israel has reached the million mark,” he said. “We have two more million yet to acquire.” The speaker foresaw the economic system of Israel for a very long time to come taking a pattern marked by the co-existence of cooperative and private enterprise. Mr. Greenberg also warned against any theoratic state being set up in Israel.