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Croatian Fascists Responsible for Murder of Thousands of Jews Dented Entry to U.S.

The Displaced Persons Commission revealed today that two Croatian Ustachi fascist officials, responsible for the death of thousands of Jews, have been denied entry to the U.S. as DP’s, following investigation of a Jewish Telegraphic Agency dispatch from Rome.

The J.T.A. Washington Bureau queried the Commission when word was received of the processing of Dr. Viado Dubicanao, former commander of the infamous Kopriv nica concentration camp in Croatia, and Stjepen Busic, Nazi puppet Commissioner for Jewish Extermination in Croatia.

Today the Frankfurt office of the DP Commission cabled Washington in response to the query. The Commission reported the two man were located at a DP camp in Italy. Busic has been rejeted by the Commission as an undesirable while an American sponsoring agency cancelled its assurance for Dubicanac’s entry.