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U.N. Can Protect Holy Places Only if Jerusalem is Free, Israel Delegate Warns

The United Nations will be able to protect the Holy Places, religious buildings and religious sites in Jerusalem only if the population of the city is free and independent and its political situation is not disrupted, Aubrey S. Eban, Israel delegate, today told the U.N. Trusteeship Council which began the next-to-the-last week of its current session here.

Mr. Eban also said that his government feels that the Council’s conception of what constitutes a Holy Place “goes too far.” He added that the U.N. may change its mind with regard to the decision to internationalize Jerusalem. The last remark set off a heated exchange between Iraq delegate Fadhil Jamali and Mr. Eban which ended with the Arab threatening that the U.N. would internationalize the whole of Jerusalem or nothing at all.