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Transjordan Defies Arab League; Announces Boycott of League’s Parley at Cairo

King Abdullah of Transjordan today announced that he is boycotting the current session of the Arab League which started its meetings on Saturday in Cairo.

A report from Cairo says that the Transjordan Minister to Egypt informed the Arab League Council that his ruler decided not to participate in the present session because of the violent campaign which the Egyptian press is conducting against Transjordan over reports that King Abdullah is negotiating a secret agreement with Israel.

The Transjordan representative also said that his King disapproves of Egypt’s proposal to invite the ex-Mufti of Jerusalem’s “all-Palestine government” in Gaza to send representatives to the Cairo meeting. Upon receiving this information, the Political Committee of the Arab League held a two-hour meeting to discuss Transjordan’s boycott, the Cairo report said. The meeting will continue tomorrow.