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Jew Sentenced by German Judge for Mistreating Fellow Prisoners in Concentration Camp

Karl Sielmann, a German Jew and formerly an inmate of the Thoresienstadt concentration camp, was today sentenced by a German Judge to four years imprisonment following his conviction on charges of having mistreated fellow prisoners.

A German court in Darmstadt, in the U.S. zone, today sentenced Heinrich Riebel to 15 months imprisonment after he was convicted of charges of participating in anti-Jewish excesses in Bensheim in the infamous anti-Semitic attacks of November, 1938.

In Rastatt, in the French zone, 34-year-old August Brucker was sentenced to death by a French tribunal for murdering and mistreating Jewish and Polish prisoners in the Ascherleben concentration camp. Fritz Suhren and Hans Pflaum, former Nazi commandant and deputy of the Ravensbruck concentration camp, respectively, who were earlier sentenced to death by a French court, have been executed, French occupation authorities announced.