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Israel Workers Impressed with U.S. Industrial Methods; Intend to Use Them in Jewish State

Forty-five Israel industrial workers, supervisers and technicians who have spent the past 11 weeks studying American production methods in order to improve industrial output in the Jewish state, presented their impressions of this country at a press conference here today on the eve of their return to Israel.

Aaron Gilat, a member of the group and its spokesman, reported that the 45 had scattered to work and study in plants in various parts of the United States, concentrating chiefly on smaller plants which were comparable to Israel factories. The Israel workers visited over 200 factories, spending from one day to several weeks in each.

“Industry in our country is very young and, by American standards, very small,” Mr. Gilat said. “Our rate of productivity still leaves much to be desired. But we believe that these 45 men will bring back with them, on their return to Israel, a fund of knowledge, an understanding of the problems to be solved, that will go a long way to raising our industrial efficiency and, thereby, improving our country’s economic position.”