Israel Government Approves Barter Agreements with Four European Countries
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Israel Government Approves Barter Agreements with Four European Countries

The Israel Government has approved barter agreements with four European countries for an exchange of goods valued in excess of 2,446,000 pounds ($6,850,000), it was announced here today.

A renewed Nertherlands-Israel commercial agreement was signed here by Dr. A. Van Blankenstein, in behalf of the Dutch Government, and Dr. J. Meron, director of the Israel Foreign Ministry’s economic section, in behalf of the Jewish state. Under terms of the pact, Israel will purchase from the Netherlands 2,000,000 pounds worth of merchandise, part of which will be paid for in Israel goods, partly by the transfer of guilder assets from Holland of Israel residents and immigrants and partly in foreign currency.

Denmark will exchange automotive and garage equipment, powdered milk, tinned fish, seeds and raw materials used in the manufacture of plastics for Israel knit goods, clothing, textiles, raincoats and nylon stockings. The value of these goods will be 350,000 pounds. Austria will barter some 78,000 pounds worth of lumber for Israel textiles and artificial dentures. Sweden will take 18,000 pounds worth of raincoats for textile manufacturing equipment.

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