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Uruguayan Senator Expresses Strong Opposition to Internationalization of Jerusalem

“I am strongly opposed to internationalization of Jerusalem, which is comparable to proposing internationalization of Rome in order to protect the Vatican,” Senator Paysse Reyes, of Uruguay, declared here today. The Uruguay statesman, who is here on a visit, added that “to enter the Holy Places in Israel is easy for anyone, since there are no restrictions, but it is a difficult procedure on the Arab side.”

Senator Reyes, a member of the Uruguayan delegation to the United Nations, is in Israel as a guest of the government, along with Jose Figueres, former President of Costa Rica, and Francisco Orlith, former Costa Rican Minister of Public Works. Mr. Figueres decided that he would spend several weeks in a collective settlement in order to “experience communal living,” since he is a “great admirer of the social experiment now taking place in Israel.”