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American Rabbinate Asked to Provide 39 More Jewish Chaplains for U.S. Armed Forces

The nation’s armed forces have asked the American Jewish community to recruit 39 additional Jewish chaplains by January 1, 1951 and approximately 53 more by July 1, 1951, to fill the quota urgently needed, it was announced here today by the Division of Religious Activities of the National Jewish Welfare Board. Since there are now 18 Jewish chaplains on active duty with the armed forces, the fulfillment of the quota will mean that there will be approximately 110 Jewish chaplains on duty by July 1, 1951.

Announcement of this quota was made by the J.W.B.’s Division of Religious Activities, the government-authorized agency for recruiting, endorsing and serving Jewish chaplains, in a communication to the heads of the Central Conference of American Rabbis, Rabbinical Assembly of America and Rabbinical Council of America. These are the three rabbinical bodies that make up the J.W.B. Division of Religious Activities. This communication is being disseminated by the three rabbinical bodies to their entire membership as part of the campaign to recruit the chaplains requested by the armed forces.