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N.Y. State Democrates Endorse U.S. Aid to Israel; Republicans Omit Mention of Israel

A resolution endorsing the United States Government’s aid to the Israel Government, which also noted with pride the "role played by the U.S. Government in assisting the young Israeli Republic," was adopted last night by the Democratic State Convention, taking place in Rochester.

The Democrats’ platform also expressed pride over the action taken to Israelize the displaced persons legislation at this session of Congress. The convention also recommended "earliest possible enactment of the full civil rights program recommended by President Truman."

The N.Y. State Republican Convention, meeting in Saratoga Springs, adopted a resolution pledging a "vigorous fight to insure equality of opportunity and treatment for all persons, regardless of race, creed, color or national origin." The Republicans failed to adopt any resolutions on Israel or displaced persons in their platform.