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Canadian Jewry Piedges Support in Fight for World Justice, New Year’s Message Says

“Canadian Jewry is at one with its government in that government’s view of the situation and in the steps which it is taking in the cause of world justice and national integrity,” says a Rosh Hashanah message issued here by Samuel Bronfman, president of the Canadian Jewish Congress.

Emphasizing that Canadian Jewry hopes that “the era which lies before us will be one of building, and not of destruction, of harmony and not of conflict,” the message continues: “At the same time it cannot but be aware that there are in the world today forces which threaten all that we have so painfully and at such great sacrifice won, undisguised menace to our way of life, elements which would provoke again, when the world is but scarcely recovered, a conflagration that would delay, if not altogether thwart, all our aspirations and plans for progress.”