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Dr. Bunche Receives Nobel Peace Prize for 1950 for Palestine Armistice Negotiations

The Nobel Peace Prize for 1950 was this week-end awared to Dr. Ralph J. Bunche, former United Nations Acting Mediator for Palestine, for his work in negotiating three armistice agreements between Israel and the Arab states.

The award will be presented in Oslo December 10 at ceremonies which will also mark the 50th year of the establishment of the peace prize. Dr. Bunche, the fixed Negro to receive the honor, will get prize money of about $31,700.

(At Lake Success, Israel Foreign Minister Moshe Sharett declared: “The award of the Nobel Prize for Peace to Dr. Ralph Bunche will be appreciated particularly by those who watched at close range his Herculean efforts to put an end to fighting in Palestine, and learned to admire his inexhaustible patience, resource and ingenuity in the complext armistice negotiations between Israel and her four neighbors. It is a fitting tribute to a great servant of the United Nations and gives renewed stregth to faith in its cause.”)